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Smart Tech And Retail Stores: Internet Is Changing The Way Sellers And Buyers Interact

Posted by Tracy Robinson on

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Technology is sprinting at a fast pace. Every business, household, and little nook and cranny of the world slowly becomes more smart and nuanced. This is all because of the enhancement of the internet of things and machine learning. Today the devices are connected, creating their network. This is helping in increasing the efficiency of the systems and processes all across the operations and functions. One such business that is slowly growing and becoming smarter and smarter in its operations is; retail stores and concerns.

Some of the ways and applications through which retail stores are using the internet of things to enhance their marketing are:

Smart shelves

This is one of the most useful applications that the internet of things can have in retail stores. However, this technology is still not prevalent yet has a few years until it can be used everywhere. Still, it is a promising smart tech for inventory management. These shelves will be IoT enabled, which means every time a consumer picks something from the shelve, the data is added to the inventory. This will help the manager note when to fill the inventory up and when to restock items.


In the future, retails stores can also add personalized discount sensors. Now, what do these sensors do? When the consumers are taking a walk along the aisles of the stores these sensors can connect with their phones and get their past buying data. Then they can give a personalized discount to the consumers based on their past shopping and their buying frequency.

Automated checkouts

This can also be a revolutionary smart technology enhancement in retail stores in the next few years. People hate standing in long lines to wait for the billing person to create their bills and then checkout, especially during busy hours. The automated checkout system will help automatically read the items bought and then create a bill. After this, the bill will be sent to the buyer’s payment app directly, from which they can make the payment.


The next few retail stores can also involve robot employees to help consumers while they are shopping. This will helps in increasing the cost-efficacy of the stores. So when the consumer is finding a certain item on the shelves, the robots can direct them towards the right place. This will also help in saving the time of the consumers.  

In-store layout

Now studying consumer behavior is one of the most crucial things that marketers need to work on. When the retail stores are designed and redesigned, taking care of where to keep what products are more visible to the consumers is crucial. Now internet of things sensors can help in studying the consumer’s behavior inside the store. And then, the data can be used to optimize the in-store layout from time to time.  

Internet of things and smart technology are some things that are going to change the way the stores and consumers interact. This advancement will help save the consumer’s time and help enhance the efficiency and profitability of the stores over time.



Know How To Gain Instagram Likes And Followers Easily

Posted by Tracy Robinson on

Digital MarketingInstagram is an American photo and video sharing social media owned by Facebook and created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Posts can be shared either with pre-approved followers or publicly. Users can browse others by tags or the latest contents. Instagram likes can also be given by not approved followers on the posts if the account is public. There are many pros and cons of Instagram likes and followers.


KELAS PERCUMA DIGITAL MARKETING - Rich Academy & TrainingHistory

Instagram was started developing in San Francisco as Burbn, a mobile checking app. Soon they realised that the app was quite similar to another app named Foursquare. In the year 2010-2011, they started their major funding and introduced the concept of photo posting. In the year 2012- 2014, they added a few more platforms can get collaborate with Facebook. In that very year, they introduced the location tagging option. In the year 2015- 2017, they redesigned the platform and made the icon more colourful. In the year 2018 – present, they came up with IGTV, reels and management changes.


Likes and followers

As we know that a major part of Instagram consists of liking and following. The posts can be mutually liked and followed by the disapproved profiles too. We need to be very careful whether the advertising agency malaysia account is authentic as many fake accounts rose these days. Many times the accounts get hacked by the hackers and even get banned if the likes and followers are taken by some website. Following are the steps to get a good number of likes and followers on Instagram:

  • Post consistently (at least once a day).
  • Post live videos and photos with hashtags.
  • Study and use the quality of hashtags associated with the photo.
  • Share user-generated content.
  • Collaborate with best users.
  • Post at the best times where most of the people are active.
  • Using analytics.
  • Host contents in your status to engage others with your account.

These are some authentic ways to get quite a good number of likes and followers without using unfair means.


Fake likes and followers

Yes, you can buy likes on your One Search Pro Malaysia online marketing agency posts and followers on your account. There are multiple cheap websites where you can buy them at a certain amount of money. This may sometimes lead to the ban of your account and hacking of it if the users are not authorised. If you got a fake Instagram account, you can end up with getting inappropriate bot comments on your posts. You can also have mismatched engagement compared to genuine accounts. The followers who are bought may bring spam with them. If you are an influencer, then buying fake followers can lose your credibility. You can increase your popularity by fakeness but won’t be able to earn money from Instagram.

A fake environment is present everywhere and in every social media. We need to be justified enough to not attempt any unfair means to gain popularity. In the end, it would only affect us but no one else. Followers and likes can get in an authentic, pure way only if you have proper content, meaningful use of hashtags and post at least once in a day.