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Why Are Custom T-Shirts In Trend?

Posted by Tracy Robinson on

Are you bored with your old t-shirts, company prints, and dull colors? Here you get a chance to make your wardrobe interesting with custom t-shirts. It would be best if you had an idea in your mind, and you have to be creating a custom t-shirt. Your creativity and imagination will be in your wardrobe soon with the help of some companies that offer you various designs online. It can be anything of your interest, can be cartoon characters, quotes, etc. Custom t-shirts have turned a traditional type of clothing into those that can reflect your personality.

Stencil technique

The stencil technique is a Vlow cost technique that teenagers used earlier to design their custom t-shirts; the stencil used was digitally designed software. If you want to try any custom-designed t-shirt, then first go for the stencil technique as it is very low cost. If you are comfortable with that, then go for more custom t-shirts online.

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Things you need to get started:

  • One t-shirt, do not try for a new one, take out your oldie first for the experiment.
  • Get those oil paints for painting; generally, spray paints go with this.
  • Sharp knife

Simple steps to follow

  • Choose an application to create a design and select any design. 
  • Create your stencil very carefully and leave some places to be cut out.
  • When you are done with the designing part, get it printed.
  • Now cut out your stencil with a sharp knife. 
  • Position the stencil on the t-shirt, also keep cardboard on the t-shirt from inside.
  • Now with the help of spray paints, paint your t-shirt with the desired colors.
  • Cover the surrounding newspaper so that the extra paint will be sprayed on the newspaper and not on the t-shirt.
  • Dry it and peel the stencil off; your t-shirt is ready.

However, this technique is now outdated, but it is cheap to try it once. New techniques to get custom t-shirts online are best and efficient too.

Occasions on which you can wear custom t-shirts 

  • You can wear custom t-shirts at parties representing the theme of the party.
  • You can have custom t-shirts for your company’s campaign as these things will attract more people. It is a good way to promote your brand.
  • Use them for sports events or any other team representation.
  • You can wear them on special days like friendships day or father’s day anniversaries, or birthdays.
  • And as the festive season is one you can wear exciting t-shirts on Halloween, Christmas day or New Year. You can get a t-shirt designed for every festival and in the exact way you want. You can design any zombie t-shirt or maybe any alien t-shirt with exciting neon and fluorescent colors on Halloween.
  • You can wear them to welcome a new life on the earth, yes you can wear the t-shirts when you have a baby, it will make mother happiest.

Custom t-shirts fit anywhere, whether it is a family reunion, business promotion, wearing it out for shopping baby camera monitor, or any other event; having custom t-shirts on events makes your event more exciting. So get one custom t-shirt online. Look different! Be different!